Geng Research Group

Nanoscale Biophysics & Diagnostics


Study, control and manipulation of fluid transport that is confined in nanometer scale. Investigation of ion, small molecule and biomolecules transport through nanopore and nanochannels. Synthesis and characterizations of protein channels and artificial nanopores.


Synthesis of biocompatible materials for tissue engineering. Study of biology-materials interfaces, especially the interactions between polymer, lipid with protein and cell.

Single-molecule Biophysics

Characterization of the behavior and interaction of biomolecules such as DNA, protein by single-molecule techniques, including single-channel recording, Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). etc. Applications of these techniques in biosensing and DNA sequencing.

Molecular Diagnostics

Development of biosensing and biodetection technique for biomakers and early disease detection, and translational studies of these technologies in clinical diagnostics